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About "pixit!_nudes":

Since the digital revolution of the late 20th century, we notice squares and rectangles every day in photography, on the PC and, above all, on TV.

Following this current trend, I have dedicated my painting to this topic. The degree of pixelation in my works is usually selected in such a way that when you stand in front of the painting you see nothing but monochrome squares and rectangles, i.e. you have a geometric-abstract picture in front of you. As you move away, these pixels combine into a more or less concrete image - you are also required to use your own imagination to a certain extent in viewing. And vice versa - if you perceive a concrete representation from a distance and want to see the details up close - you suddenly find yourself in front of the square-rectangular atoms of the concrete representation.

The innovations on the mobile phone market, such as camera functions and smartphones, have also given me impulses for my painting: seen through the cameras of mobile phones, my pictures also become more concrete from close up - an important component in dealing with my work.